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Swift 4 Book Updates + Discount!

Dear all,

We’ve just released the Swift 4 updates for all of our books, and they’re free for existing eBook customers!

To celebrate the release, all eBooks and eBook bundles are 25% off until Monday.

Best from Berlin, Chris & Florian

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WWDC 2017 Sale

Happy WWDC 2017 week!

All of our eBooks are on sale during the whole week. Individual eBooks are off 25%, bundles are off 30%!

Have a great week,
Chris & Florian

Announcing: Optimizing Collections

Dear all,

We’re happy to introduce a new member in our book family: Optimizing Collections by Károly Lőrentey.

When we started reading Károly’s book we were hooked immediately. We asked him to team up, and are very happy to share the result with you.

In this book, we show how to write very efficient Swift collection code. Throughout the book, we benchmark everything — with some surprising results. We implement custom data structures with value semantics and copy-on-write behavior such as sorted arrays, binary trees, red-black trees, and B-trees.

Even if you never implement your own collections, this book helps you reason about the performance of Swift code.

The eBook is available immediately in PDF, ePub, and playground format, and it’s 25% off for launch.

Have a great WWDC week!
Chris, Florian, and Károly

Core Data Update

Dear all,

After our Functional Swift and Advanced Swift books already got the Swift 3 treatment, we finally released the Swift 3 update for our Core Data book as well. This update took much longer than we expected, because we had to work around some hurdles in the publication process. Sorry for the delay!

This update brings the book fully up to speed with Swift 3, as well as with the changes in Core Data released with iOS 10 and macOS 10.12. For example, we now take advantage of the generic result types in Core Data’s API, the new NSPersistentContainer class, concurrency changes to the persistent store coordinator and much more.

Furthermore, the sample code now includes separate versions of the example project for the first chapters, which allows the code to match up closely with the contents of the early chapters in the book. This makes the book even more approachable for Core Data beginners.

As always, the eBook comes in several formats: PDF, ePub (works great in iBooks as well), and Kindle mobi. The sample code is available on GitHub.

For those who bought a digital version of the previous edition: this is a free update. If you’ve subscribed, you’ll get an email from us. Otherwise just search your email archives for the original receipt containing the download link.

Core Data Workshop

On a related note: if you’re up for a trip to Berlin, we’re teaching a one-day Core Data workshop on March 31st at our new office in Berlin. We’ll be working in a very small group to give you a deeper understanding of the framework, so that you can tackle many of the common problems you might encounter with Core Data.

Best from Berlin,
Florian & Chris

New Workshops + Early Bird Tickets

Our Advanced Swift workshop has been a great success. Our attendees love learning in a small group, with most time spent doing hands-on exercises. Therefore, we decided to organize more workshops this year.

We decided to broaden our range of topics, and will provide workshops on Performant Core Data (March 31), Lighter View Controllers (April 28), Generic UIKit (May 17) and Advanced Swift (June 30). Check out our workshops page for the details.

All workshops are lead by Florian Kugler and Chris Eidhof. With two instructors, we keep the workshop very small: twelve attendees, maximum. This allows us to give everyone a lot of attention and help.

For a limited time only, we have added a small number of early bird tickets. Get yours while they last.