SwiftUI is radically different from UIKit. In this workshop, we will help you build a mental model of how SwiftUI works.

Since SwiftUI is still in its early days, we focus on the fundamental mechanisms behind the framework that are essential to understand, instead of trying to cover all the platform specific APIs. The workshop is based on the material in our book Thinking in SwiftUI, and all participants will receive a complimentary copy.


This workshop typically takes two days and will be conducted online via Zoom. It is targeted at iOS developers who are fluent in Swift and UIKit, but don't have much experience with SwiftUI yet.

The number of participants is limited to 16 people with two instructors. This ensures that there's enough hands-on time to address all the questions that might arise.

We believe that the best way to learn SwiftUI is to work with it yourself. Therefore, most of the time will be spent working on exercises. Each exercise starts off with a live-coding introduction by us. Then you work in pairs or small groups on solving the exercise, while we virtually "walk" around, answering questions and making sure everybody makes progress. Finally, we discuss the solutions together. To accomodate for differences in speed, we always have bonus exercises prepared.

We customize each workshop, so please get in touch for pricing details.


  • View Trees

    Understand how views in SwiftUI are built and rendered.

  • View Layout

    Use built-in layout mechanisms such as stacks, overlays and frames.

  • View Lifecycle

    Write efficient views by understanding the SwiftUI lifecycle.

  • View State

    Learn when to use state properties, observed objects, state objects, etc.

  • Animations

    Understand how explicit and implicit animations work in SwiftUI.

  • Advanced Layout

    Use geometry readers, preferences, overlays and ZStacks to build any kind of layout.

  • Advanced Animations

    Use matched geometry effects and write your own animatable modifiers.

  • Interop with UIKit

    Use any existing UIView within SwiftUI.


  • Vincent Garrigues

    Principal Software Engineer at Dance

  • Maciej Piotrowski

    iOS Developer at Allegro Tech

About the instructors