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Thinking in SwiftUI

A Transition Guide

by Chris Eidhof and Florian Kugler

SwiftUI is radically different from UIKit. In this short book, we will help you build a mental model of how SwiftUI works. We explain the most important concepts in detail and help you build a solid foundation for understanding SwiftUI.

Since SwiftUI is a large framework, the book focuses on the concepts behind the framework that we believe are essential to understand. It is not a reference for SwiftUI’s platform-specific APIs, but rather a guide to honing your intuition about how SwiftUI works.

Thinking in SwiftUI is geared toward developers who have both prior experience with Apple’s platforms and a good understanding of the Swift language.

Book Contents

  • View Trees

    Learn how view trees form the foundation behind many concepts in SwiftUI.

  • State and Binding

    Learn how to efficiently model, observe and update your state.

  • View Layout

    Understand how the layout algorithm works and how to utilize the built-in layout modifiers and container views.

  • Animations

    Work with implicit and explicit animations, transitions, and learn how to create custom animations.

  • Advanced Layout

    Build custom layout containers using the layout protocol, preferences, geometry readers, and anchors.

  • Preferences and Environment

    Learn how to use SwiftUI's preference and environment systems for your own views.

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