Hi all,

This month's issue is all about the Mac.

Many of the topics we've written about so far are applicable to both iOS and OS X, but some are for iOS only. So we felt it was about time to dedicate a whole issue to the platform we work on every day.

The articles in this issue are focused around topics that are unique to the OS X platform, like making your app scriptable, scripting other apps within the sandbox, making your app extensible with plugins, and communication between processes with XPC. However, since iOS developers outnumber Mac developers by far, we've also included one article about AppKit for UIKit developers, which has many tips and tricks to get you started with Mac development if you haven't done it before.

In addition to the regular objc.io issues, we also have started a new project: we're writing a book about functional programming in Swift. This book is not going to be an introduction to Swift, rather it will focus on how to leverage Swift's language features to write functional code. We plan to have the major parts finished by September, but we're also offering a pre-order option with beta access now. If you're interested, check out the details.

Have a great summer!

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.