Hey everyone,

This issue is all about animations. It's our twelfth issue; next month is our one-year anniversary! After last month's fun escape to the world of Android, we're back to Objective-C. We tried to cover all angles of animations -- from UIView animations, to Core Animation, all the way down to creating your own animations from scratch. We talk about animation view controllers, collection views, and making everything interactive.

Again, for this issue we're very thankful for all the guest writers who contributed their posts. First of all, Robert Böhnke explains to us how animations work, and what to look out for when animating things. Nick Lockwood demonstrates for us how to animate custom layer properties, and also how to animate non-visual things. Next, Joachim Bondo explains how we can make custom container view controllers orchestrate tailor-made view controller transition animations in iOS 7. David Rönnqvist shows us how UIView animations work, and how you might implement them yourself. Engin Kurutepe shares with us how to go about creating custom collection view animations. Finally, Florian and Chris write about interactive animations, and show how to implement them in a couple of different ways.

Cheers from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.