Welcome to the first objc.io issue about game development!

In the previous 17 issues of objc.io, we never touched on any game-specific development topics. This was on our list for a while, but since we don't have experience with this ourselves, we've put it off several times. Until now.

We've found great contributors who chimed in with their knowledge about game-related topics. This issue contains articles covering many varied aspects of game development, providing even non-game developers insight into this related, but nonetheless very different, field.

Mike starts off with an article about what makes mobile games great . Max and Warren give an introduction to Apple's new low-level graphics framework, "Metal." JP and David write about topics that are relevant to not only game developers: Multipeer Connectivity and Scene Kit . Last but not least, Janie gives us a taste of the wonderful world of sound design .

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.