Hi all,

This month's issue is about security. It's a comparatively small issue — we really would have liked to include more articles on this important subject, but September was a busy month for us and our contributors, and several articles didn't make it into this issue because of time constraints. So if you still have to catch up with older issues, this month is your chance!

Nevertheless, we do have three great articles in this issue. First, Graham talks about why security still matters today. Next, Thomas goes to great lengths to shed some light on every iOS and OS X developer's greatest nightmare: code signing. Last but not least, Laurent walks us through the process of how to validate App Store receipts.

Additionally, we have something else for you this month. On the heels of our recent book release (Functional Programming in Swift), we decided to create a new newsletter: Functional Snippets. Every week, we'll send you a small functional Swift code snippet for learning and inspiration!

We don't want to clutter up the main objc.io mailing list with this, so please sign up here if you want to receive this weekly dose of Swift.

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.