Hey all,

The very first issue of objc.io appeared one year ago, so we're celebrating our first anniversary! Thank you for all your support during this time and especially for all the excellent contributions we have received from the community.

You're probably still as overwhelmed as we are by the slew of developer-centric announcements Apple came out with at WWDC last week. We're very happy about the less strict NDA this year, because it means that we don't have to wait until fall to write about any of this.

However, before we take a deeper look at all the new stuff, this month we've prepared a more timeless topic for you. We wanted to pick something that comes back to what we've written about in our very first issue: lighter view controllers. But this time around we chose a broader scope, so that the articles in this issue cover a variety of different issues you might encounter when thinking about app architecture.

Last month we got a chance to sit together with a fantastic group of developers at UIKonf in Berlin to brainstorm about this topic:

The result of this is five articles addressing very different architectural issues: the MVVM concept by Ash Furrow, avoiding singleton abuse by Stephen Poletto, subclassing versus composition by our own Chris Eidhof, composing modular behaviors with Interface Builder by Krzystof Zablłocki, and finally, an alternative perspective to the traditional MVC architecture, called VIPER by Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert.

All the best from a very summery Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.