Book Update: Thinking in SwiftUI

Over the last few months, we have been busy updating our book, Thinking in SwiftUI. Today, we're glad to release it as a free update, improved and expanded for the latest version of SwiftUI.

The new version refines existing explanations and adds sections for new features. Writing the original book, we decided to focus on the essence of SwiftUI, and luckily very little has changed: if you have read the first edition, you will be well-prepared for any upcoming changes.

The most important additions include:

  • New sections on function builders — they now support switch statements, if let, and have better diagnostics.

  • Several sections on matchedGeometryEffect — one in the Advanced Layout chapter, and one in the Animations chapter.

  • A section on grid views — once you go beyond the basics, they can have very unexpected layout behavior!

We learned a lot more about SwiftUI's layout system while working on SwiftUI Layout Explained, our latest Swift Talk collection. The series helped us improve our explanations of both stack views and layout priorities. Reimplementing the most important parts of SwiftUI's layout system, and heavily testing the results, gave us a unique insight into how things actually work.

Finally, we have added an expanded section about data flow in views, describing the differences between displaying values and objects, as well as discussing ownership in depth. This includes an explanation of how to choose between @StateObject, @ObservedObject, @State and @Binding.

This update is free for everyone who bought the Ebook directly (through our sales partner, Gumroad), either standalone or as part of a bundle.

Happy holidays! 🍷

Florian and Chris

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