Advanced Swift Fourth Edition, with Videos!

Advanced Swift

The fourth edition of Advanced Swift is out!

Fully updated for Swift 5, the book has been rewritten and extended, including a new chapter on Enums, and a video companion series as an optional upgrade. As with the previous edition, the full text is available as a Swift Playground.

We have completely rewritten the chapters on Structs and Classes, Generics, and Protocols. New content and revisions have been added to the chapters on Strings, Collection Protocols, and Error Handling. The chapter order has also been improved: Collection Protocols now comes later, to smooth out the learning curve.

We also welcome Florian Kugler as a co-author, joining Ole Begemann, Ben Cohen, and Chris Eidhof.

With Video

We're bringing the video bundle pioneered by App Architecture to Advanced Swift.

Where the book excels as a medium for conceptual discussion, the videos approach the subject from a different angle: they show how those techniques apply to practical problems.

In five separate episodes, we demonstrate C Interoperability, String Parsing, Collection Protocols, Functions, and Encoding & Decoding Graphs. Using live-coding, pair programming, and a conversational style, the videos invite you to think through the concepts with us, as we apply them.

For a more in-depth look, see our full table of contents.

Who Is The Book For?

For those new to Advanced Swift, the book ranges from low-level programming, such as string internals and wrapping a C library, to high-level abstractions, such as programming with generics and protocols. It intends to answer many of the "How do I do this?" or "Why does Swift behave like that?" questions that we often see asked.

If you're an experienced (though not necessarily expert) programmer, such as an existing Apple-platform developer, this book is for you. It's also for those coming from other languages such as Java or C++ who want to bring their knowledge of Swift to the same level as their "go-to" language. It's also suitable for new programmers who have already started on Swift, have grown familiar with the basics, and are looking to take things to the next level.

In short, if you're reading Apple’s The Swift Programming Language and want to dig deeper, this book is for you.


The book and videos are available today, directly from our site. The Ebook includes PDF, ePub, and mobi versions. If you prefer a physical copy, we have a paperback edition. All versions come with full sample code.

If you already own an Ebook edition of Advanced Swift, this is a free update.

The videos are exclusive to the Ebook + Videos edition, and can be purchased as a separate upgrade if you already own the book.

All our books are available as bundles: see the complete collection.

Sales and checkout are managed by Gumroad. If you need assistance please contact their help team. Sales for the physical copy are fulfilled by Amazon.


Best from Berlin

Chris, Ole, and Florian


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