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App Architecture

iOS Application Patterns in Swift

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This book explains a range of application architectural patterns and their implementation techniques using a single example app, fully implemented in six architectural patterns.

Instead of advocating for any particular pattern, we lay out the problems all architectures are trying to address: constructing the app’s components, communicating between the view and the model, and handling non-model state. We show high-level solutions to these problems and break them down to the level of implementation for six different architectural patterns — three commonly used and three more experimental.

The common architectures are Model-View-Controller, Online-Only Model-View-Controller, and Model-View-ViewModel + Coordinator. In addition to explaining these patterns conceptually and on the implementation level, we discuss solutions to commonly encountered problems, like massive view controllers.

On the experimental side we explain View-State-Driven Model-View-Controller, ModelAdaptor-ViewBinder, and the Elm architecture. By examining these experimental patterns, we extract valuable lessons that can be applied to other patterns and to existing code bases.

What’ll be in the book

  • Why Architecture?

    Understand the common problems all patterns are trying to solve.

  • Common Architectures

    Learn what common patterns such as MVC, MVVM-C, and Online-Only MVC are all about.

  • Experimental Architectures

    Learn from experimental architectures like View-State-Driven MVC and the Elm architecture.

  • Implementation Techniques

    Understand how each pattern is implemented at the code level.

  • In-Depth Comparisons

    Understand the commonalities, differences, and trade-offs between architectures.

  • Take-Aways for Any Code Base

    Learn lessons from each architecture that make any code base better.

  • Common Refactorings

    Techniques to factor out shared code and deal with large view controllers.

  • Complete Implementations

    The accompanying voice-notes sample app is fully implemented in six architectures.

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