objc.io was founded 2013 in Berlin by Chris Eidhof , Daniel Eggert , and Florian Kugler . We started objc.io to create a platform for in-depth technical topics relevant to all iOS and macOS developers.

From June 2013 to May 2015 we published 24 monthly issues , containing 125 articles written by 67 authors. We're very humbled by the feedback of the community and the huge effort put in by all the contributors .

After two years of publishing an issue every month, we decided to take a break and to focus on some more long-form writing. We published our first book -- Functional Swift -- in late 2014. In 2015 we published two new books: Advanced Swift and Core Data .

In June 2016 we returned to publishing regular online content with our Swift Talk series. We publish in-depth videos every week, in which we showcase and discuss solutions to problems we encounter while building projects in Swift.

In June 2017 we published Optimizing Collections — our first book written by an external author, Károly Lőrentey . In early 2018 we published App Architecture , which we co-authored with Matt Gallagher . Finally, we published our latest book Thinking in SwiftUI in the spring of 2020.

Next to our regular publishing of articles, books, and videos, we also teach workshops , focusing on advanced Swift and SwiftUI topics.