Advanced Swift Workshop


  • Friday, January 27th, 2017
  • Friday, December 2nd, 2016 (sold out)

The workshop will take place from 10am to 6pm in Berlin, Germany.

What You Will Learn

We want to help you to bring your Swift skills to the next level. If you come from Objective-C, there are many features that you might not use yet. We will focus on the following topics:

Working with value types such as structs and enums can make a lot of code safer and simpler. Generics enable a whole new level of abstraction. Protocols and protocol-oriented programming make Swift a very dynamic language while still being type-safe and fast. First-class functions allow you to remove a lot of boilerplate code.

We’re not just covering these features in the abstract, but focus on how they can be leveraged to make your life as an app developer easier.

You’ll get playgrounds covering all the workshop materials. In addition, you’ll get a copy of our book Advanced Swift.


This will be an intensive, one day workshop where you’ll spend most of your time programming. We will introduce each topic with a short presentation, followed by lots of hands-on exercises. After the exercises, we’ll discuss the solutions together. We’ll be working in a small group: two instructors and a maximum of sixteen people.

The workshop will be led by Chris Eidhof and Florian Kugler, founders of, authors of the books Advanced Swift, Functional Swift and Core Data, and hosts of Swift Talk.


You should already be comfortable writing iOS apps with Swift using UIKit and Xcode. We expect that you understand how to work with optionals, how to create classes and methods, how to use arrays and dictionaries.

How to Register

Register for the workshop on January 27th, 2017

The price for the workshop is €999 per person (excluding VAT). Please email us if you have any questions.

Traveling to Berlin

You have to organize travel and accomodation yourself. The workshop location is to be determined, but will be in the center of Berlin. The workshop takes place on a Friday, so you can combine it with a weekend in Berlin. We are looking forward to see you in Berlin!