Welcome to objc.io issue #8!

Happy 2014!

This issue of objc.io is a bit different than what we have done so far. This is our holiday issue, where we decided to spend a few days during the holiday break working on a small and fun project that we would then write about.

We wanted to do something with a quadcopter, but we didn't yet have a detailed plan of what we wanted to build. Once we started experimenting with this, it quickly became apparent to us how complicated it is to work with real hardware. In the end, we had to cut quite a few corners to create something that would still end up as a self-contained project within a few days.

We want to thank Felix Geisendörfer -- the initiator of the nodecopter events -- for his advice and support. Luckily, Felix lives just around the corner from Chris, and he was kind enough to lend one of his drones and a few battery packs to us.

We briefly outline the overall goals of the project in the overview article. There, we also talk about how the project changed while we were working on it. The other articles in this issue will go into more technical detail regarding how we implemented this project.

We hope you have as much fun reading as we had hacking the quadcopter project.

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.