Welcome to objc.io issue #7!

This month we picked the Foundation framework as our topic.

The roots of the Foundation framework go all the way back to the era of NeXTSTEP, which has been around for 25 years and covers a lot of ground.

Most of Foundation will not be covered here, but we're taking a stab at some of it in the issue. We picked a few topics that are relevant to all Objective-C developers: collection classes, key-value coding and key-value observing, value objects, and value formatters. We have also included a more general article about communication patterns; it goes beyond the patterns found in Foundation to cover a somewhat more exotic topic: NSLinguisticTagger.

This month we have to thank Peter Steinberger, Klaas Pieter Annema, and Oliver Mason for their awesome contributions. objc.io wouldn't be possible without all the support from the community. Be sure to check out our contributors' page to see what we mean.

Speaking of support, last month we launched the objc.io Newsstand app, which, we said, you should consider to be our donate button. The response has been fantastic. That said, we are not going to go out and buy any fast cars any time soon. The money will instead go toward costs of running the website, and we will donate any surplus to a project / projects in line with the spirit of objc.io as a community collaboration.

In the interest of transparency, it’s important to note that our costs are almost entirely made up of hosting, design work, and copy editing. Additionally, we will put a little bit of money aside every month so that we can improve objc.io in the future. But after that, there's still a fair amount left.

As mentioned above, we decided to put the money where it makes a difference. Starting this month, we will donate extra money to a charitable cause. We'll have more news for you on this topic next month.

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.