Welcome to objc.io issue #6!

This month we're celebrating our first small milestone -- half a year of objc.io!

On this occasion, we've made several changes and additions to objc.io. You have probably already noticed that we enhanced our website. It's now showcasing beautiful covers for each issue, while increasing clarity and preparing it for more issues to come.

Furthermore, objc.io is now also available as a Newsstand app for iPhone and iPad with a monthly subscription. We will continue to publish all content on our website that is freely available to everyone. But if objc.io is valuable to you and you would like to support this project, the Newsstand app gives you a way to do so. We greatly appreciate your support!

We've added a subscription page to give you a better overview of all the ways to stay up-to-date. Next to the new objc.io app, we've also added support for Maverick's website push notifications.

Now objc.io wouldn't be the same without all the fantastic contributions from the community. Thus far, fifteen developers have guest-authored sixteen articles in the first six issues. To make their contributions more visible, we've added a contributors page. Thank you so much for helping out!

Last but not least, objc.io also wouldn't be the same without you, the readers. We work really hard each month to write the best articles we can imagine. Your response has surpassed everything we imagined, and we have received so much great feedback, which easily makes all the effort we put into this project worthwhile.

In the first five months, we've served more than half a million page views. October has been the busiest month yet, with more than 50GB served across more than one million requests. Our mailing list is approaching 7,000 subscribers, and almost 4,500 people are following us on Twitter. Thank you so much!

That said, please go ahead and enjoy reading about the build process in this issue. This month, Michele Titolo and Mattes Groeger helped us out with articles about CocoaPods internals and continuous integration with Travis CI.

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.