Welcome to objc.io issue #5!

We hope you're as excited by the launch of iOS 7 as we are. Choosing this as our theme was a no-brainer; there's a lot of stuff we wanted to talk about. As always, the list of potential topics was much greater than what we could possibly write, so this is by no means a definitive guide to iOS 7. Instead, we picked some highlights and wrote about those.

This time, we have more guest writers than ever. Holger Riegel and Tobias Kreß explain the process they went through as they upgraded their app to iOS 7. One of the things that's worth considering when redesigning is the addition of UIDynamics, and Ash Furrow shows us how to use this in collection views. Chris talks about the new view controller transitions API, Mattt Thompson writes about moving from NSURLConnection to NSURLSession, and David shows us the new possibilities in multitasking. Max Seelemann covers one of the most game-changing features on the new iOS: TextKit. Finally, Peter Steinberger will guide us through his favorite new things in iOS 7.

We are still looking for more guest writers. We have a great number of ideas for upcoming topics, and would be very happy to have you on board.

All the best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.