Welcome to issue 22 of objc.io. This month, developers from some well-known companies in our community share with us how they work.

Brent Simmons starts off with a tour of how app development is done at The Omni Group. Next, the team at Artsy writes about the positive impact working in the open has had on the company's culture. Kyle Van Essen describes how Square has scaled its engineering process to a quickly growing team and increased quality requirements. Ashley Nelson-Hornstein walks us through the code review process at Dropbox. Finally, Adam Ernst introduces us to Components, a React-inspired library the News Feed team at Facebook developed to make the UI code easier to write and more maintainable.

We’d like to thank all our contributors. And like last month, Ole Begemann helped coordinate with the authors. Thanks Ole!

Best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, Florian, and Ole.