Welcome to the first edition of, a periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C! was founded in Berlin by Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, and Florian Kugler. We started to create a regular platform for in-depth technical topics relevant to all iOS and OS X developers.

Each edition of has a focus on one particular subject, with multiple articles covering different aspects of that topic. The subject of this first edition is Lighter View Controllers, and it contains four articles – three from the founding team and one from Ricki Gregersen, whom we would like to welcome as our first guest writer!

It's a common problem in the code base of iOS apps that view controllers get out of hand, because they do too much. By factoring out reusable code, they are easier to understand, easier to maintain and easier to test. This issue will focus on best practices and techniques how you can keep view controllers clean.

We will look at how to make view controllers primarily coordinating objects by factoring out view and model code, as well as introducing other controller objects in addition to view controllers. Furthermore, we will look at splitting up view controllers using the view controller containment mechanism, and finally, discuss how to test clean view controllers.

In upcoming editions we will have more articles from great guest writers of the Objective-C community; Loren Brichter, Peter Steinberger, Brent Simmons, and Ole Begemann have committed to writing in the future. Contact us if you have an idea for an interesting topic and you would like to contribute an article about it to

Chris, Daniel, and Florian.