Optimizing Collections

Write custom collections in Swift with a strong focus on performance


In this book, we show how to write very efficient Swift collection code. Throughout the book, we benchmark everything — with some surprising results. We implement custom data structures with value semantics and copy-on-write behavior such as sorted arrays, binary trees, red-black trees, and B-trees.

Even if you never implement your own collections, this book helps you reason about the performance of Swift code.

Update Notice — We’ll be updating the book for Swift 4.0 later this year. If you buy the Ebook now, or have bought it in the past, you’ll get the update for free when it’s available.

What’s in the book

  • Swift Collections

    Learn how Swift’s built-in collections perform

  • Performance

    Use benchmarking to measure performance in the real world

  • Copy-On-Write

    Implement high-performance value types using copy-on-write

  • Wrapping Built-In Datatypes

    Wrap NSOrderedSet to give it value semantics and copy-on-write performance

  • Red-Black Trees

    Build red-black search trees using algebraic datatypes

  • B-Trees

    Implement the data structure behind many file systems and databases

Formats & Extras

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  • Code

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About the Author

  • Károly Lőrentey