Thinking in SwiftUI: Live Q&A

During the last months, we have worked hard at updating our book Thinking in SwiftUI. Now that WWDC23 is behind us, we don't just want to release a finished book — instead, we will update it for all the new APIs.

Due to this transition phase, we've decided to release the new edition as a beta version. We plan to put out the chapters one by one as we're integrating new iOS 17 topics. During this prerelease phase, we're also hosting a weekly Q&A live stream. The first live stream will be Friday the 16th at 18:00 CEST (9am PST). You can submit any questions you have for us over at this Github repository.

The first pre-release of our updated book will also be available this Friday. Keep an eye on this blog or subscribe to our mailing list to hear all about it.


Florian and Chris

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