SwiftUI Layout Explained: Free to watch!

๐ŸŒฒ As a little Christmas present to the community, we're making our entire SwiftUI Layout Explained video series free to watch until the end of the year. ๐ŸŒฒ

A central piece of every UI framework is its layout system, and SwiftUI is no exception. Without a good understanding of the layout system, building user interfaces quickly becomes frustrating.

We did a lot of research for our book, Thinking in SwiftUI, but even so we kept encountering layout behavior that we couldn't really make sense of.

We decided to go one step further, and reimplement SwiftUI's layout system, along with the layout behavior of many built-in views. This forced us to think hard about the algorithms, and helped us understand SwiftUI's implementation by comparing it to our own.

All of this is documented in our latest Swift Talk collection: SwiftUI Layout Explained. With eleven episodes, five hours of live-coding and discussion, a hand-written transcript and sample code, there's plenty to enjoy over the winter break.

Happy learning and happy holidays! ๐Ÿท

Best from Berlin,

Chris & Florian

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