Advanced Swift Update

Dear all,

Over the last months, we have been very busy preparing a new edition of Advanced Swift, which is now fully updated for Swift 3.

After Airspeed Velocity joined the Swift team at Apple, Ole Begemann got on board as a co-author. Together, we went over all the chapters, and identified what needed to be changed: pretty much everything. Only the chapters on errors and optionals didn't change too much, but most other chapters have major changes.

Not only did Swift 3 bring massive changes, we also have gotten better as authors. We rewrote sections that were hard to read, we made our examples clearer, we added new content, and we removed unnecessary parts. As authors, we haven't just improved our writing, but also our understanding of the language: another year of Swift also brought another year of experience with the language.

If you buy the digital version of Advanced Swift through our website, you'll get a PDF, a .mobi (for your Kindle), and a .ePub version (which also works great in iBooks). And because we're just as excited about iOS playgrounds as you probably are, we're also including a Playground Book that contains the book's full text and code for you to experiment with on your iPad (see this as a beta version — there might still be some kinks to work out).

For those who bought a digital version of the previous edition: this is a free update. If you've subscribed, you'll get an email from us, and otherwise search your email archives for a download link.

Best from Berlin,

Ole, Florian and Chris

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