Introducing Swift Talk

Dear all,

Three years ago we announced the first issue of the magazine. Today, we're introducing something new: Swift Talk.

Swift Talk has weekly videos, showing our solutions to problems we encounter while building real Swift projects. Each episode contains lots of live coding, and discussions about the pros and cons of our decisions.

Swift Talk episodes are not tutorial videos about how to do things the right way. After all, there's more than just one good solution to almost every problem. Rather, we want to explore how Swift can be leveraged to solve problems in new ways. We hope this will encourage discussion, so please send any feedback our way!

Half of the Swift Talk episodes will be freely available, just like our monthly magazine issues. The other half is subscriber-only. We'd love to make lots of episodes in the future, so please support us by subscribing. We also offer team subscriptions, just add team members on your account page. Thank you!

Best from Berlin,

Florian & Chris

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