Advanced Swift, Book Bundles, and Team Licenses

Dear all,

Finally – the Advanced Swift book is ready! After months in early-access we've caught up with all the Swift 2.2 awesomeness.

The book covers many advanced topics, ranging from low-level (e.g. wrapping a C library and string internals) to high-level (e.g. programming with generics and protocols). You can take a sneak peek into some parts of the book in our online preview.

The eBook comes in three different formats (PDF, ePub, and Kindle mobi). Head over to Amazon for the paperback version.

Book Bundles

We now also offer our eBooks as bundles. For example, buy Functional Swift and Advanced Swift together and save 10%. You can see the available bundle options on each book page: Functional Swift, Advanced Swift, and Core Data.

Team Licenses

If you want to make one of our eBooks available to your whole team, we now have a dedicated option for that. Just choose the "Team eBook" version of any book and select your team size (up to 50 people) at checkout. For larger teams, please get in touch!

Best from Berlin,
Florian & Chris

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