The Core Data Book Is Out!

After a few months in early-access the Core Data book has now reached version 1.0. You can take a sneak peek into some parts of the book in our brand-new online preview.

With this book we try to shine a new light on a framework that has been around for a while:

  • We embrace Swift 2 with all its latest language features to write more elegant and more safe Core Data code.

  • We focus on demonstrating best practices and advanced techniques that you can immediately apply to a wide range of projects.

  • We explain how Core Data works behind the scenes. This will help you to make better choices when e.g. designing your data model, deciding on a concurrency model, or optimizing performance.

The eBook comes in three different formats (PDF, ePub, and Kindle mobi) and the sample code is available on GitHub. Head over to Amazon for the paperback version.

We want to thank all early-access readers of this book for their support and feedback. It really helped to make this book better!

Best from Berlin,

Florian & Daniel

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