Core Data Early Access

After the release of the Advanced Swift book two weeks ago, our new Core Data book follows suit today and is now also available as early access version. As usual, we'll release the chapters one-by-one over the next months. We expect the book to be finished by the time Xcode 7 comes out of beta.

With this book we strive to give you clear guidelines for getting the most out of Core Data: the focus is on best practices, from very simple to complex use cases. While building a complete example app, we'll talk about topics like relationships, custom data types, concurrency, and syncing local data with web-services. But we'll go beyond that and discuss in-depth how Core Data works behind the scenes, how to get great performance and memory-efficiency with large data sets, the trade-offs between different Core Data setups, and much more.

The first chapter is already available today, and you'll be able to read it as PDF (which we will continually update) or as Markdown files in the private GitHub repository you'll get access to. Of course you can also file issues in this repository -- we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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