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When we started back in May 2013, we never imagined it would become as popular as it is now. Originally, we just wanted to create a blog, but later decided to go for a magazine format instead. We met up a couple of times, decided on the Lighter View Controllers topic for the first issue, and went to work. Iksi designed the site, Natalye helped us out with copy editing, and a month after our initial plans began, the first issue went live.

Today, two years later, we've published 24 issues with a total of 125 articles written by 67 different authors — this equals approximately 350,000 words. We are very humbled by all the great contributions from our guest authors. Everyone involved put a lot of effort into every single issue, and the feedback we got from the developer community always made it more than worthwhile. We can't thank you all enough for this experience.

Going forward, we have decided to change our focus to more long-form writing. Last year, we wrote our first book, Functional Programming in Swift, (which is 50% off for WWDC week). We had a lot of fun in the process, and so we have two more titles coming up in the near future: one about Core Data, and one about Advanced Swift. To stay in the loop on these, as well as other news, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Of course, the existing body of 24 issues remains available, even better than before: Paulo has done a great job redesigning the site with a beautiful archive to showcase the work from the last two years.

We hope you will enjoy the new reading experience as much as we do, and follow us along on our future ventures!

Best from Berlin,

Chris, Daniel, and Florian

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